2017 Faith and Freedom Rally

This year's rally was a huge success!  Lt Gov Dan Forest was present as our Emcee, even though his family had automobile trouble that morning (the car fell off the tow truck!).  Dan's the Man!!  The auditorium was full of enthusiastic Rep Mark Meadows supporters!  Although Sean Hannity was advertised as being the guest speaker, he wasn't able to attend due to a schedule conflict.  BUT who needs him when he had the cream of the crop.....Mark and Dan!  Each spoke to the full-attentioned audience and received many applauses throughout their speeches.  Mark gave us updates from Washington as well as answered questions from the audience;  Dan gave us updates from Raleigh.  The reception prior to the Rally was well attended and raised a good amount of money for Mark's re-election campaign!!  Thanks to all who attended each event.

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